Spiritual Retreat – Mystic Journeys

Spiritual Training to Harmonize Heaven & Earth
November 9-17, 2024

Join us for an innovative 9 day spiritual retreat and evolutionary journey in November 2024, bringing together energy healers, Indigenous Spiritual Servers, skillful teachers, and truth seekers in one of the most powerful energy centers on the planet! The healing waters of the tropical sea, Mayan ruins, and sacred cenotes all provide an amazing environment to develop spiritually along your path.

As a physical experience, our Travel Journey and integrated group tours will bring you to magical sacred sites and hidden chambers in the Riviera Maya (all photos here are real and not photoshopped.)

As a spiritual experience, our teachers and guides will offer daily workshops and practical tools to help you develop or enhance skills in Journeying in Consciousness, to access information from the Universe, expand your inner vision, and live a mystical life.

Mystic Journeys offers pragmatic idealism, synergistic training in various spiritual practices and traditions, such as: enhancing our psychic abilities, authentic Indigenous Ancestral cultural teachings, sound healing, a Tibetan meditation technique, engaging the body’s vitality through Qi Gong, finding our path using astrology, manifesting our dreams into reality, and working with the 7 Sacred Flames, Angels, and Ascended Masters along our souls’ Ascension Journey from selfish ego to selfless service.

By the end of an awe-inspiring week, the guided meditations and energetic tools offered will help you live more fully in harmony and alignment with your highest purpose, effortlessly and with increased synchronicity. Our retreat will coincide with the 11:11 portal, an opportunity to realign our paths with purpose.

Each person on our team comes from individual lifelong Journeys as Mystics, drawn towards various spiritual and religious traditions while seeking truth and being of service. Together, we can all share a common identity as Mystics, and a growing open, interfaith, and supportive community.

We are creating the spiritual change that we seek in the world, with integrity, and the shared intention of doing our parts to help turn the collective wheel of humanity towards the Golden Age. With wisdom and tools gained along the way, in November, we invite you to join us!

A tentative itinerary is given below, subject to change depending on conditions such as the weather. Space is limited to 14 participants.

DAY 1: Saturday, Nov. 9, 2024
Welcome to the Riviera Maya

-Flights to Cancun Intl. Airport to arrive by 2pm. Airport pickup and transport to private oceanfront Villa in Akumal provided.
– Relax and walk to sandy beach
– Welcome with fruit smoothies, salsa & guacamole by pool
– Intros, Group schedule review & updates
– 6pm CEREMONY: Welcome to the Mayan lands from Ancestral Ceremonia Ritual group. Plant seeds of intention and gratitude.
– Evening welcome dinner [drinks dutch]

DAY 2: Sunday, Nov. 10, 2024
A Mystical Realm of Sound and Vision

– Qi Gong & 1st Sacred Flame meditation
– Continental Breakfast
– Sound bath at private cenote
– WORKSHOP 1 at cenote: Cosmic skills & Psychic Tools Practice: Running energy, grounding, calling on energy from Earth and Sky, tuning into the Universe.
– Lunch and free time at cenote
– WORKSHOP 2 at cenote: Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist meditation exercise to expand inner vision, neutrality, and evolving from the selfish ego to the selfless Golden Age.
– Dinner at beach restaurant in Tulum [dutch, ~$15-$40usd]
– Sounding & singing circle on beach, vocal sound healing (optional)

DAY 3: Monday, Nov. 11, 2024 (11:11 portal)
Portal and Purification
– QiGong & 2nd Sacred Flame meditation
– Continental Breakfast
– Visit to a small Mayan community near ruins. Medicinal plants and welcome from their Spiritual Leader (“H’Mem”).
– Short bicycle ride to Mayan ruins and hike to a secret chamber amidst the jungle. 11:11 portal meditation.
– Early dinner at beach near Villa [dutch, ~$15-$30usd]
– 7pm CEREMONY: Cacao ceremony with Ancestral Ceremonia Ritual group. Activate pineal gland and resonate with love in this authentic cultural offering.
– Night Temazcal after dark (sweatbathe purification) in the jungle with Anahuac Server, Juan Manuel Perez Silva.

DAY 4: Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2024
Elementals, Mysticism & Magic Day
– QiGong & 3rd Sacred Flame meditation
– Continental Breakfast
– WORKSHOP 3: Chakras, Psychic Games, Lucid Dreaming & Mysticism Playground
– Lunch at Villa
– Magical cenote tour. Connect with spirits and a sacred underground Tree with guided meditation. Play with spiritual photography in this fairytale-like setting, where photos of orbs and energetic lights have been taken.
– Dinner in Tulum pueblo [dutch, ~$15-$30usd]
– Free Nite in Tulum pueblo, or Skills Exchange at Villa (optional)

DAY 5: Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2024
Journey to Chichen Itza
– QiGong & 4th Sacred Flame meditation
– Continental Breakfast
– Drive to a stunning cenote in Yucatan. Enjoy a rope swing surrounded by Banyan roots, or relax by a small pool.
– Lunch at cenote
– Chichen Itza tour with a local archaeological guide. See why this Pyramid is considered one of the 7 Modern Wonders of the World. Guided meditation in more remote ruins.
– Dinner food truck choices in Tulum [dutch, ~$10-$30usd]

DAY 6: Thursday, Nov. 14, 2024
Turtles and Stars
– QiGong & 5th Sacred Flame meditation
– Continental Breakfast
– Guided swim with turtles at the turtle sanctuary. Snorkeling with turtles in their natural habitat with potential to see manatees and tropical fish as well. A surreal underwater experience.
– Lunch at Villa
– WORKSHOP 4: Working with Astrological Angels, relationship between stars and angels, get to know your own Angels, Angel Meditation, and Angel Invocation.
– Choice of Dinner at Italian or Mexican restaurants [dutch, ~$15-$50usd]
– WORKSHOP 5: Energies of New Year, Looking at Charts for Year Ahead (Astrology). Working with Planetary Energy and Stargazing at Villa oceanfront. Also, exploring our multidimensional universe.

DAY 7: Friday, Nov. 15, 2024
Bringing It Into the World
– QiGong & 6th Sacred Flame meditation
– Continental Breakfast
– WORKSHOP 6: Connecting with the energy of Nature, and integrating past topics. Using the 11:11 portal energies and Manifestation techniques group-share for the year ahead.
– Lunch at Villa
– Tulum beach hotel zone freetime and photos.
– Celebration dinner at Tulum beach restaurant and freestyle salsa dancing.
– 10pm CEREMONY: (Optional) Plant ceremony and stargazing with Ancestral Ceremonia Ritual group in jungle [donation to Ancestral group]

DAY 8: Saturday, Nov. 16, 2024
Rest & Relaxation
– QiGong & 7th Sacred Flame meditation
– Brunch at Villa
– (Optional) afternoon trip to sandy beach (snorkeling and/or massage on the beach) [dutch, ~$30usd for massage]
– Closing Circle
– Farewell dinner at restaurant [dutch, ~$15-$30usd dinner]

DAY 9: Sunday, Nov. 17, 2024
Until We Meet Again
– QiGong
– Continental Breakfast
– Departures: all Flights and return trips to the airport depart by 11am


  • All Transportation during retreat and airport pickup/ dropoff
  • 8 nights of shared accommodations at oceanfront Villa
  • Tickets, guides and entrance fees for cenotes, swimming with turtles, Mayan ruin tours and sacred site excursions
  • Daily workshops and training in a myriad of mystical topics with experienced professors. All tips for Guides, Teachers and Trainers are included in the retreat fees [except for donations for optional plant medicine ceremony]
  • Authentic Temazcal (sweat bath), Cacao ceremony, and Ancestral cultural teachings
  • Exclusive access to a hidden Mayan chamber for the 11:11 portal activation
  • Daily body movement and energetic cultivation through Qi Gong and ascension meditations
  • Continental breakfasts, lunches, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, and select dinners


  • Flights to Mexico
  • Dinners and drinks at restaurants indicated as “dutch”
  • Inexpensive international travel insurance required

Accommodations and Retreat Pricing:

– Large room: 2 people (couples or friends)–3,000 USD per person [1 King-sized shared bed, ocean view]
– Upstairs studio: 2 people (couples or friends)–2,800 USD per person [1 King-sized shared bed, ocean view, smaller]
– King bed: 1 person – 3,300 USD [1 king bed in shared room w single bed, ocean view]
– Queen bed: 1 person – 3,200 USD [1 queen bed in shared room w single bed, ocean view]
– Single bed: 1 person – 3,000 USD [1 single bed in shared room with either king or queen bed, ocean view]

Fees. All are welcome to apply at the link below. If invited to participate, a deposit will be due to secure your spot. Email our retreat coordinator for payment instructions and the application.
Complimentary Sessions with Facilitators. If retreat fees are paid in full upon admittance, you will receive two complimentary reading and/or healing sessions with our Facilitators, one hour each, redeemable before or after the retreat.
Retreat Meals. All meals provided by the retreat will be vegetarian/ seafood. At restaurants indicated as “dutch,” participants are welcome to order anything from the restaurant menus.
Language. Our trainers, teachers and guides will speak in English, but most are bilingual in Spanish. Spanish interpretation for the entire event is available upon request.
Minimum age. 21 years old.

Guiding Principles & Application:
Mystic Journeys is a synergistic spiritual collaboration with five guiding principles: 1) integrity, 2) honor, 3) respect, 4) compassion, and 5) service to others.
In the future, we will offer two scholarships for our full retreats, but not at this time. We offer free resources and various energy and ascension tools on our social media pages, and will be adding more info and classes there in the future.

Email [email protected], to ask any questions and/or if you would like to set up a discovery call to learn more.

– Departures: all Flights and return trips to the airport depart by 11am

To APPLY, please email [email protected]
All applications will be due by May 1, 2024.

Download the Retreat Brochure

Retreat Brochure
Cultural Exchange & Equality:

This is a collaborative event, where each person brings unique experiences, insights, and resources that others may not have, in order to learn and grow from each other and the collective container. With this intention, we are honored to invite a few members of the Ancestral Ceremonia Ritual group, to participate in the workshops and other events in the itinerary. By including members of the local community, we aim to honor and empower the land on which we will travel.

Similarly, as part of our commitment to accessibility, our retreat coordinator and facilitators are volunteering countless many hours in order to lower retreat fees. We have a purity of purpose and are answering the call to help bring spiritual change, evolving to a Golden Age of humanity.