Candice Hillenbrand Avatar
Candice Hillenbrand
9/15/2022 - Google

We couldn't have asked for a better day!! Of course the cenotes were incredible (seriously, so beautiful), but even more than their beauty was having a reliable and super professional tour guide who loves this place so much and told us all about it. Eduardo knew everything about the cenotes, the people, the history AND he told us about himself. We will definitely be back for another tour/excursion. We come to Mexico a few times a year and today we made a new friend for our next trip and many more to come!

Sean Crowell Avatar
Sean Crowell
9/15/2022 - Google

Eduardo took us on a fantastic tour of the cenotes not far from playa del Carmen. Eduardo was knowledgeable, friendly, and a wonderful guide. Will definitely book other tours with TU in the future!

Matthew Gregory Avatar
Matthew Gregory
7/25/2022 - Google

This was the best day of my life! Juan was on time, extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. He took us to the best cenotes that you can’t find on the tourist trail. We had a private tour of the most beautiful, crystal clear cenotes you’ll ever see. Juan even had the most delicious fruit for us between cenotes. Do the above/below ground tour. You won’t be disappointed. Absolutely amazing!!!

Janelle Williamson Avatar
Janelle Williamson
6/01/2022 - Google

This day trip was absolutely amazing!!!! from the points of booking the trip to the driver picking us up at the hotel to meeting Juan at the first cenote location. Juan was so nice, personable, fun and knew everything about the Cenotes. After the trip Juan had water snacks and oh my God the mangoes were so delicious! When you're in Tulum and want to see the cenote's I highly recommend using this company as your tour guide! Also it's a private tour so you're not with a group of other people from different hotels which is really nice. Juan I hope I see you when I come back to Tulum! And thank you Tulum underground cenote for my amazing trip!

Hamid Attie Avatar
Hamid Attie
4/01/2022 - Google

I couldn’t recommend this tour & this company any more highly. Our guide, Juan, was most knowledgable. His understanding of local history and culture was enlightening… and his local knowledge and expertise of the Cenotes facilitated a “once in a life time” experience… one our family will cherish forever. Thank you, Juan.

Anna Stogniy Avatar
Anna Stogniy
3/01/2022 - Google

We had such a great experience. Our guide Juan was amazing. Very professional, knowledgeable and patient. We highly recommend these guys for your next tour.

Vanessa Smile Avatar
Vanessa Smile
3/01/2022 - Google

This was the best trip ever! We would do it over and over again! Thank you Juan! 🙂

Jennifer Connolly Avatar
Jennifer Connolly
2/08/2022 - Google

We had the best time during our tour to these underground cenotes. The location is not overcrowded and really allowed for us to slow down and appreciate the beauty.Juan was an amazing guide. He was so informed about the location and truly made our experience!

Viviana Gonzalez Avatar
Viviana Gonzalez
2/08/2022 - Google

one word- JUAN.If you’re looking for an underwater experience like no other then this will rock your socks off. Juan picked us up and made us feel so welcomed from the beginning. He really cares about the condition of the cenotes he’s taking you to and want his people to care for them too. Away from the crowds and into places you’ll never freaking imagine. - VivianaJuan! Thank you for making this experience one we will never forget. You are so kind and me and my wife appreciate everything you did for us! If you are looking for an EXPERIENCE (not a tour) Juan is the man to go to. You will appreciate the cenotes so much more being with him. Thank you again Hermano!! - David

Firas Shbeeb Avatar
Firas Shbeeb
12/15/2021 - Google

The only way to experience the cenotes. The tour guide was amazing and knew the best times for the best lighting and least crowds. He took care of all the details and even helped take pictures for us. Thank you Hector and Tulum Underground for an unforgettable experience.

missy aluague Avatar
missy aluague
12/15/2021 - Google

I’ve had the best amazing experience and tour guide. Juan and Angel was absolutely great. They are very organized and made sure that we are on our time.I felt like we knew them for a long time we felt comfortable with them during our tours. Very informative and made sure they attends to our needs. I would definitely want them to be my tour guide when I go back. Thank you!!!!

Kerri Avatar
9/14/2021 - Airbnb

we had such a blast with Juan, seeing such beautiful places that we never would have thought of without his guidance. It was seriously a highlight of our Tulum honeymoon, would do it all again if we could! he was so great and genuine, and we had a great afternoon with this experience.

Adriana Avatar
9/08/2021 - Airbnb

We had such a great time! It was extremely personal. We visited two cenotes at which we spend around 1.5 hours at each place just by ourselves. No crowds! Everything was amazing and clean! Our host Juan was super friendly and was able to explain in detail the plan for the day. We felt safe the entire time, Juan was constantly checking on us making sure everybody was ok. At the end of the tour, Juan was super nice on bringing some refreshments, fresh fruit and snacks for us to much on. I would DEFINITELY recommend this tour to anyone wanting to enjoy time with nature and getting to know Juan! Such a great guy!!

Jose Avatar
9/08/2021 - Airbnb

My wife and I enjoyed everything about this tour with Juan! From the beginning, Juan was friendly and was able to explain in detail the plan for the day. Once we arrived to our first location, it was all to ourselves! We spent a whole 1.5 hours at the first cenote before anyone ever got there and it was super peaceful. It gave us time to snorkel, swim, talk and enjoy the quiet open cenote. The second cave cenote was AMAZING. So much to explore and that's all I'm going to say because you need to experience it in person. We felt safe the entire time with Juan asking how we were doing throughout the entire experience. At the end, Juan was nice enough to bring fruits and snacks for us to munch on. Overall I would highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to enjoy time with nature and getting to know Juan. Great guy! Muchas gracias por una gran experiencia Juan!

Michelle Avatar
9/08/2021 - Airbnb

This tour was fabulous, highly recommend to anyone looking to tour the cenotes without being mobbed by tourists.

Leopoldo Avatar
8/16/2021 - Airbnb

This was a wonderful experience. Not only were the actual cenotes we visited spectacular (and practically empty), but our guide Juan was able to add to our experience by giving us information about the sites. The experience felt well-paced throughout, and the hours flew by. Considering the relative price of other cenote experiences, I would definitely recommend this one.

Monique Avatar
8/04/2021 - Airbnb

The Cenotes are absolutely breathtaking!!! The views from underneath he water is amazing. A MUST DO WHEN VISITING TULUM.

Alexandra Avatar
7/19/2021 - Airbnb

THIS WAS THE BEST EXCURSION I DID WHILE IN TULUM!! I was very lucky to be able to get a one on one tour with Juan and it was the the most magical experience I’ve ever had. Juan was super accommodating, knowledgeable and got some amazing photos of me. I can’t recommend this tour enough! I’m already planning my next trip back with more people so they have a chance to experience it 🙂

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